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February 2024 Monthly Newsletter (Healing In His Wings)

There is such a misunderstanding concerning the healing provision of God not only in the church but also in the world.  The prevalent belief is if there is a sickness or disease of any kind, then it is the will of God to be there. Should someone get healed of their malady, then it was a sovereign act.  So many believe that God heals some and some He doesn’t and we just can’t question it. Those left in their suffering are falsely comforted by the doctrine of demons that states God is entrusting His strongest warriors with this suffering, and what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger.  All of these incorrect teachings and beliefs are robbing people of the healing provision the stripes of Jesus bought and paid for.  I Peter 2:24 tells us that He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His stripes/wounds, you were healed.  Psalm 107:20 states He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.  It is the will of God for mankind to walk in the healing provision Jesus made available. 


Healing in His Wings

In this month’s teaching download, Healing In His Wings, Pastor Brad ministers concerning healing.  The healing provision of God is not only tangible, but it is transferable.  Faith is always important in appropriating the provisions of God.  What is the difference in the tangibility of the anointing and faith?   It is undeniable that Jesus paid a huge price to provide healing for any affliction man could face. But what about the healings that took place in the Old Covenant?  The blood of Jesus had not been shed yet.  But we still see the power in the anointing of God.  We see amazing healings and even the dead being raised BEFORE Jesus came in the flesh.  If that doesn’t speak to the will of God for the healing of mankind, then I don’t know what else could convince you.  I recommend if you are dealing with an area in your life that needs the healing provision of God, then revisit the healings and miracles of the Bible.  What about the healing of Naaman?  His instructions were to dip 7 times in the Jordan.  Seemingly absurd instructions to Naaman, but what did he have to lose?  He followed the instruction of the man of God and was healed of leprosy.  What about the dead man who was thrown into the cave with the dead bones of Elisha?  I remember a time during intercessory prayer when we were discussing miracles, etc.  We all left reflecting on all we had discussed.  Andrea Walshak began asking the Lord about this specific miracle.  He responded by saying, that was the only miracle in the Word of God He had nothing to do with.  He said there was enough power in dry bones of Elisha to raise that man without prayer, without faith, and without His aid.  The tangible anointing that came on Elisha throughout his life penetrated his bones, where it stayed even after his death.  When the dead man was thrown on the dry bones of Elisha, he immediately came to life again.  Think about that!  The anointing in those bones had enough power in them to raise the dead.  That is how powerful the tangible anointing is.  There was no faith needed in this particular miracle.  There was no prayer associated with this miracle either.  That is how powerful the anointing is!!  Talk about the Word of God ABIDING in you.  We know the anointing can saturate our clothing too.  In Acts 19:11-12 11 God was performing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul,12 so that handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them, and the evil spirits went out. 


We may not always be around someone who operating under the anointing when we need it to break the yoke.  We may not always have access to an anointed healing cloth either.  So, it would be wisdom to purpose and get the Word of God abiding on the inside of us.  Don’t waste precious time, start applying the Word of God to your lives TODAY!!!.  Don’t wait until there is an issue before you start getting the Word of God.  Purpose to live a life of daily hearing the Word of God.  We know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).  That way when an issue arises you are prepared with the Word.  Purpose to go from NEEDING to access someone who is anointed with the power of God, to BEING the person anointed with the power of God! 


We thank you for your continued support of The Faith Connection.  May you be blessed in return for generous giving that helps us take this message to the world.  We hope this month’s teaching inspires and blesses you.

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